Google Renovating Android Market App

google in newsGoogle has been implementing a vast array of changes to many of their services of late.  Now, Google plans to revamp the interface for the Android market app on smartphones–adding new products and making it easier to navigate.

The brand new interface is supposed to make it easier for app developers as well as customers to use.  According to the Android Developers Blog, the new interface streamlines the purchasing process for apps–ranking them in date of release, price and popularity.

The new Android app interface will be especially beneficial for developers.  It should help their business now that customers will be able to purchase apps from a more user friendly menu.  With a wide assortment of new apps, promising startups get a chance to compete in the most popular OS platform in the smartphone market.

The new model should be available to the public within a few weeks.

Android hopes to compete with Apple in the “app” arena.  Unfortunately for Google, Apple dominates the field.  It would be a long while before Android can make a dent in Apple’s App store sales.       



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