Google Unveiling Mobile-Payment Plan for Sprint Phones

Google plans to release a mobile payment plan on May 26 for Sprint phones.  However,google in news it is only currently exclusive to Android devices. 

The service will allow for users to purchase merchandise and redeem coupons on their phones.  This will be using technology called near-field-communication (NFC).

NFC allows the user to use their phone at participating retail locations.  In such a case, it would work much like a credit card–you will be able just just swipe it or flick it at the register to purchase.  This will raise revenue for mobile advertising–an industry already growing rapidly in the United States.

Google is not the only company that is preparing to use NFC technology. Apple, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are also looking to capitalize on this idea.

This moment has been in the works for a long time.  The discussion about the potentiality of smartphones being able to purchase or act as a credit card has always been a real one-much closer to fact than science fiction.  Well, come May 26th, Google will take the first step to make this reality.       



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