Google Wallet Just Another Pilot?

Gemalto’s vice president of telecommunications, Jean-Louis Carrara believes Google Wallet is good for press, but insignificant in the vastness of mobile payment plans around the globe.

Jean-Louis Carrara is the VP of the world’s largest SIM card supplier.  Mr. Carrara suggests that Google’s announcement of Google Wallet did a great deal in educating the public about the potential of NFC technology, however falls short in making any real change to the degree in which consumers purchase.  He attributes this to the lack of expansiveness.  Truly, Google Wallet will only benefit the smallest sliver of consumers, right now.  Mr. Carrara states, “I understand the need for it, it’s good because it starts educating people about mobile payments. But to get to a point where you’re changing consumer behavior, you need it to work on all phones, from all operators, and will all banking cards.”

This statement from Mr. Carrara comes off as a little harsh considering that the “new car smell” has yet to evaporate.  Google Wallet is considerably new and will only build upon the number of partners involved in its mobile payment platform.  Although they only have one bank, one credit card provider and one phone currently in use–it would seem silly not to suspect Google has a business model in place to help build upon that foundation.  Mr. Carrara’s statement is valid, however lacks any depth when considering he is a competitor of the mobile payment plan and is targeting a product that is still in its early stages.       



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