Google’s Market Cap Soars to $20 Billion with Google+

google in newsGoogle+ has proven to be an early success for the California-based company.  It is rumored to have reached somewhere between 1.5 to 4.5 million users since its launch.  Whats more? They have investors believing in them as well.

Since the launch of Google+, investors added $20 Billion to Google’s market cap.  That was as of June 28th.  Today, that figure is a tiny bit more realistic–valued roughly at $15.8 Billion by Morgan Stanley.

Google’s stock rose as high as $546.60 on July 7–a $20 billion dollar gain to their market share.  Coupling Google+ with their other successful services provides Google with a remarkable portfolio.  Though Google+ is not their primary profits driver, it has proven to be a beneficial addition to the brand.

Joining the social arena was a risky endeavor to undertake.  However, not only are they proving to be a formidable force, but they are smashing speed records in the growth of the network.

Google is a large company.  A very, very large company.  They should be able to use that to a unique advantage their competitors never afforded.  Facebook and Twitter both started out as small enterprises.  Google has a considerable leg-up in that regard.  One shouldn’t be surprised if Google+ balloons to something Facebook and Twitter truly have to worry about.       



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