Hackers Attack Citibank

Citibank customers are a little more weary this morning as hackers made off with their personal account information.  Over 200,000 North American customers are at risk to have their identities stolen.  This makes up roughly 1% of Citibank’s customers.

computer hacker mask keyboardThe hackers obtained account numbers and customer email addresses.  They did not access social security numbers, card security codes or card expiration dates–tools necessary to complete an identity theft.  However, customers are warned to take great caution in what they contain in their email accounts.  If any of the said information can be found in old emails, there is a likelihood they will find it.  Citibank has assured their customers that they will be properly notified and instructed on how to move forward.

This most recent attack comes at the heels of a tremendously troublesome couple of months.  Citibank customers now join Sony, Lockheed Martin, Google Gmail and PBS.  All of these companies underwent similar hacks, with Internet criminals taking aim at private customer information or the private data of targeted firms .

The attacks as a whole appear more as a commentary on Internet security rather than a malicious attack on users.  However, one cannot be sure how the hackers responsible will use the information they acquire.  Considering that they are most likely customers like the rest of us, they may have a certain empathy to the situation.  One can be sure they would not like their account information compromised.  That may be a little bit of a stretch though.




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