HP Uses WebOS, Decided Against Android

Hewlett-Packard will release their TouchPad tablet computer this week using WebOS, directly competing with Google’s Android in the OS licensing industry.  HP has made it no secret that it would be a wise decision for them to start following Google’s lead in licensing their OS to third parties.

Google’s licensing of Android is marketed through varying versions:  Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb–all of which create compatibility issues for users and developers.  WebOS will not follow the same model.  HP will instead license a simplified OS to third parties–limiting the number of versions to one and shrinking the costs and confusion placed upon customers.

A recent underground opinion that’s been voiced suggests that HP hopes to implement their WebOS into Microsoft’s rumored Windows 8 tablet computer.  If that happens, one will have to wait and see if Microsoft and HP can carve out a path to battle Android.

Many of Android’s competitors are confident they can compete with the mobile OS.  Samsung was rumored to be softening their relationship with Android.  Though that does not represent a trend, it does prove that many developers could be leaving their options open.

Microsoft and HP would find themselves in similar territories, one looking to make a niche in the mobile device market, and the other hoping to leave their mark in the licensing of OS systems to third-parties.  Both entail a steep path ahead of them.




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