HTC Files Suit Against Apple, Again

lawsuit court malletThe Taiwanese smartphone provider, HTC, has filed yet another lawsuit against their nemesis Apple.  The details of that lawsuit  have not yet been released.

HTC was dealt a blow earlier last month by Apple when the ITC (International Trade Commission) voted against the Taiwanese smartphone maker for patent infringements.  Spokesmen for HTC indicate that they intend to appeal that decision.

The case filed on July 29th, 2011–HTC Europe Co. v. Apple Inc., indicates that HTC is not planning on going down without a fight.  It appears that of late, the two companies have been battling more in courtroom than on the open market.  Who knows, that may very well be part of the strategy.

HTC pushed their competitive relationship with Apple even farther when they acknowledged their intentions to purchase S3 Graphics Co. for $300 million–claiming that it will provide needed legal protection for its products.  Interestingly enough, HTC released that statement no more than a week after S# Graphics Co. defeated Apple on an ITC ruling.       



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