HTC Status is Facebook Focused

facebook in newsHTC has built an Android smartphone with Facebook as its centerpiece.  The HTC Status has already been released in Europe, and will make its debut in the United States today.

The HTC Status can be purchased for $50 with a new 2-year contract with AT&T.

The Status will allow for articles, pictures and multiple other Facebook applicable actions to be automatically shared to your Facebook account.

HTC’ Status will not make shared items public initially.  It serves to streamline the posting process for users–allowing them to decide whichever items they want to share on their friends’ newsfeed at a later time.

The Status will have a front-facing camera to allow for video chat and a physical keyboard with oval keys.  The screen is a bit small, 2.6″, but it masks that with its small frame and comfortable hand-feel.   Coupled with the newest Android OS, Gingerbread, users will be able to explore a wide range of new features.

The phone is targeting a younger audience where social networking and texting encompasses the extent of their phone usage.  It provides easy to navigate menus and a simplified process for mobile Facebook users.       



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