iCloud Communications Files Suit Against Apple

apple in newsApple is being sued by hardware provider iCloud Communications, LLC.  It is probably easy to imagine what that suit is about. iCloud Communications filed suit upon the recent success of the name “iCloud”–the title Apple has been sporting for its new online media service.

Apple’s iCloud has been generating a great deal of buzz–plastering the name of their new service all over the news.  The media service had been central to many tech discussions over the couple months and iCloud Communications, LLC maintains that they only filed suit when their success began to impede on the success of their brand name.

If you ask me, it is relatively late to file suit now.  iCloud Communications had plenty of time to force litigation before Apple’s release.  We all knew what the name of Apple’s new service was going to be.  It seems sort of unprepared or just downright fishy not to have filed suit before Apple iCloud’s rise to prominence.

iCloud Communications, LLC put out a statement:

“The goods and services with which Apple intends to use the ‘iCloud’ mark are identical to or closely related to the goods and services that have been offered by iCloud Communications under the iCloud Marks since its formation in 2005.  However, due to the worldwide media coverage given to and generated by Apple’s announcement of its ‘iCloud’ services and the ensuing saturation advertising campaign pursued by Apple, the media and the general public have quickly come to associate the mark ‘iCloud’ with Apple, rather than iCloud Communications”.

lawsuit court malletApple currently holds twelve of the thirteen trademark registrations for the name iCloud, so the case does not seem to be winnable for iCloud Communications, LLC.  They do hope to achieve one of two things however, or maybe even both: One, to arrive at a settlement–getting paid for whatever perceived damages they ascertained. And second, having their name in the news, potentially attracting business and the like. The best course of action already past.    Registering sooner may have been iCloud Communication’s best chance at having an open and shut case.




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