Intel Promises to Revamp the PC

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini is promising change.  At Intel’s financial analyst day, Otellini painted a picture of an electronic future in which the PC will continue to be relevant.  He stated that within the next two years, much evolution of the PC will be occurring–from the instant-on feature to slimmer laptops to touch screens on every computer.

computer fast laptop womanOtellini feels that the reinvention of the PC involves making it more into a “consumer electronic-like device”.  This would be following the format of smartphones and tablet computers.

With the Apple Ipad and the Google Chromebook making headlines, Otellini’s announcement doesn’t come off as too much of a surprise.  The changes that Intel will add to this arena will not be implemented however until Windows 8, Windows 9 “and beyond”.

They did however address some of the changes one can expect to see.  At the event they showcased a few future technologies.  Of those, the Fast Flash Standby seems pretty cool.  This technology would refocus on Hibernation mode.  Hibernation mode saves considerably more battery life than standby mode.  Intel’s Fast Flash Standby will enable the user to quickly jump in and out of hibernation mode without closing applications.

This was just a partial view of whats to come–a future that Otellini promises will evolve the PC and keep it relevant.  We’ll just have to see.       



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