iPhone 5? The Next Generation iPhone Predicted to be Announced in August

apple in newsAccording to BGR, we can expect the next generation iPhone to be announced at Apple’s annual event in August.

The smartphone that was rumored to be the next generation model of the iPhone, the iPhone 4s, actually may be just a preliminary model.  The iPhone 4s differs from its predecessor by means of its hardware.  Other than that, its hardly a giant leap for the popular mobile device.

The “iPhone 5”, possibly a misnomer, will have a different look.  BGR says that, based on reliable sources, its case will most resemble a tear drop.  No other details have been revealed on the device.  If anyone knows anything about Apple, its always apparent that they will not comment on any future devices.

We can all expect more information on the next generation iPhone  at the August event.  Some, say it may be announced even later than that.




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