Jumio Webcam Provides Credit Card “Swipe” from Home

For those of us who do most of their shopping online, we often get frustrated with having to input our credit card information prior to purchase.  Well, those days could be long gone with a new webcam by Jumio that reads the information off your card, and fills in all the necessary fields for you.

Using Netswipe technology, the Jumio webcam makes online purchasing easier through an easy “swiping” of your credit card.  Jumio is spearheaded by Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin.  It is another start-up company hoping to change the field of e-commerce along with other burgeoning new consumer friendly services.

Daniel Mattes, founder and CEO of Jumio says, “At the end of the day, all you want is the Starbucks experience–you want to pay quickly by showing your card, and that’s it.  With our solution, we believe we’ve bridged the gap between these two different worlds. It’s so simple and easy for the user”.

Essentially that is the goal every online service hopes to enact for their customers.  An easier process that can be greater exploited by the customer and improve the efficiency and popularity of online services.  The Jumio webcam is a certifiable step forward in that regard.  All that it necessary now is for partners to join the enthusiasm and push forward with the promising new start-up.




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