Limewire Settles for $105 Million

Another successful lawsuit could be tacked up to the RIAA and its partners.  The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has made similar lawsuits to Kazaa, Napster and the like.  They have been able to successfully shutdown such sites for extended periods of time, though this has been a very costly practice.  Nonetheless, Limewire could now be added to that list.

people throwing moneyIt is commonly known that Limewire and sites like it are enablers.  They enable the unlawful act of piracy, and are therefore held liable.  That is the stance the U.S. District Court of Southern District New York has made–and they have done so with great success.

As is the case for Limewire, who has settled for $105 million to be sorted out to the 13  recording companies who made their claims, their is much to be relieved about with such a low settlement figure.  Especially considering the billions, if not trillions of dollars of damage it has done to the music industry not solely, but in union with the other file sharing companies like it.

It is important to note that although this is another successful suit for the RIAA, one cannot be completely sure this really does anything to truncate illegal music downloads as a whole.  In fact, it is possible that is had no affect at all.  There is even a chance that file sharing sites are becoming more abundant.  Take for instance BitTorrent.  This file sharing site using much of the same technology as Limewire, and partakes in the same business.  RIAA has yet to make a lawsuit against them–though we may see one in the future.

Open source music file sharing sites are going to be harder and harder to stop.  One could argue that even if the most popular sites are shutdown, another one will takes its place. There is a definite case of perpetuity in file sharing sites that enable illegal downloads–a problem the RIAA will have to battle or discover different solutions to if they want to alleviate the heavy costs in damages these sites create.       



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