Lockheed Martin Corp. Hacked

computer hacker steal passwordLockheed Martin Corp., the world’s largest, most renown aerospace company and Pentagon’s chief supplier has been successfully hacked by an unknown source.  The incident is being examined by the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Department.

The U.S. Government has also stated that they are willing to participate in resolving the issue upon the company’s request.  Lockheed Martin Corp. provides fighter jets, warships and other military vehicles to the U.S. It would be in the U.S.’s best interest to discover what actions were taken against the aerospace company’s security.

A primary source notified Reuters that sensitive data on weapons and technology were stolen from the aerospace corporation and that they were not the only company targeted.  It was also reported that smaller firms could have also been targeted–companies that along with Lockheed Martin Corp may have information regarding technology used in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Exactly how much data was compromised remains undetermined.

This report of a cyber-breach indicates the fluid dynamics of national security.  All parties participating in the investigation: Lockheed Martin Corp., The Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Department have all not responded to repeated requests for comment.




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