Ltyro Camera to “Revolutionize” Picture Taking

Lytro, a start-up company looking to make an immediate splash in the digital camera market, have done so with resounding success.  They have developed a feature called “living photographs” that allows users to choose which part of the photograph is focused.  This means that patrons can take pictures now, and focus them later.  The technology behind it is fascinating and truly set to evolve the way we take pictures.

Lytro CEO Ren Ng stated yesterday, “I am thrilled to finally draw back the curtain and introduce our new light-field camera company, one that will forever change how everyone takes and experiences pictures . . . Lytro’s company launch is truly the start of a picture revolution”.

The capabilities of the Lytro cameras are astonishing.  Regular digital cameras record light rays hitting a sensor, whereas Lytro cameras record light rays, the vector direction of every light ray as well as the intensity of those rays.  Basically, it records a hell of a lot more information that your standard digital camera.

The ability for flexible focus is based on technology that has been around for a while, entitled Light-Field Photography.  Similar technology had been used in Hollywood Studios dating back to the middle to late 90’s.  Now, flexible focus by Lytro has built on that technology, able to now use only a single camera.  The process in the past had to use more than one camera to capture all the different vector directions.  The experience is unique and fun to mess around with.  Lytro has an online gallery to give users an idea of what their cameras can do.       



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