“Lulzsec” Breached Sony Servers

Sony Pictures has confirmed that their website has been successfully hacked.  The FBI has been contacted to help investigate the breach.  Not only will their assistance be seminal in the discovery and nature of the attacks, but it will also add to the separate investigation Sony is running parallel to it.

computer hacker mask evilSony has been targeted by the hackers group self-titled Lulzsec.  They have been making headlines of late because of the vendetta they have made against Sony.  They have certainly made their dent–releasing hundreds of thousands of personal account information, including phone numbers, emails and account names.

This adds to the growing list of security breaches Sony has been forced to deal with of late.  A popular discussion that is catching wind in tech circles is whether Sony deserves much of the blame for their security lapses, or if such recent attacks are a targeted effort by many hackers on a single company.  There is a little bit of column A, and a little bit of column B.

There is no doubt that the security lapses can be attributed to the failures made by Sony, however in their defense, through statements released by hackers–taking down Sony appears to be a goal.  In a gloating manner they have openly stated that they intend to “embarrass” Sony.  They have certainly done a good job of that.

Sony Pictures confirmed the attack and apologized to all those affected.  “We deeply regret and apologize for any inconvenience caused to consumers by this cybercrime”.

Its difficult to remain optimistic for Sony, especially amidst reports of security breaches occurring seemingly every time you see their name in headlines, but its important to highlight the fact that such cyber-attacks happen everyday.  Sony, in their participation with the FBI hope to provide a little more comfort to the hundreds of millions of Sony customers worldwide–bringing whomever is responsible to justice and ordering out due penalties.  However, that may be a little optimistic.  Finding the perpetrators will be a very difficult task.




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