Lulzsec Leader Arrested

Alleged leader of hacker group Lulzsec is reported to have been arrested in Wickford, Essex.  Ryan Cleary, 19 yrs. old, was captured after a joint effort by Scotland Yard and the F.B.I.

lawsuit court malletThis arrest follows the reported taunts on Lulzsec’s Twitter page claiming to have hit the C.I.A.’s public website.  Since the arrest, there have yet to be any new tweets by the hactivist group.  This could possible indicate that the authorities have caught the right man.

This is no longer a joke for Mr. Cleary.  He stands to face criminal charges.  Such acts as DDOS attacks and unauthorized infiltrations of government sites are considered unlawful.  There appears to be a mounting effort by both the Feds and international authorities to disrupt such criminal behavior from growing in popularity.  Expect serious penalties to be doled out to anyone who finds it fun or funny to participate in similar actions Mr. Cleary is currently being punished for.       



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