Lulzsec Opens a Hacking Request Line

Lulzsec, the Hactivist group responsible for attacks on Sony, Nintendo and various U.S. television stations, have opened up a request line for those looking to attack a website or service they have qualms with.  It is part of their “Titanic Takeover Tuesday”.

The telephone hot-line with which those who want to partake in the event was posted on Lulzsec’s Twitter page.

The callers who dial the number to the hot-line (U.S.) are met with a strange French accented man who fashions himself as Pierre Dubois.  It is merely a message machine.  That is where the requests are left.

So far, Lulzsec claims to have fulfilled eight of those requests, including DDOS attacks on numerous video-gaming websites.

Lulzsec joins with “Anonymous” in what appears to be the organization of hactivists seeking to exploit the disservices done onto customers.  Both groups claim to attack websites that continue to make the same mistakes by not securing users information on “secure” servers.  Some of the attacks, such as that done unto Sony, got away with a boat-load of private user account information.  Some of the attacks indubitably appear malicious, though, it remains unknown what is done with the information said groups obtain through their hacks.

The line is blurry in regard to whom is to blame for the attacks.  The faulty security of many high profile companies who claim our information is safe? Or the hackers who aim to exploit such loopholes and shine a light on a huge security problem?  I would wager that both parties are susceptible to considerable criticism.

To each his own.  It most definitely accomplishes one thing–gets everybody tied up in a knot.  Privacy will continue to be challenged as technology evolves, so it is the responsibility of the people to keep those who hold their information accountable.  These hacks may not be the right way to do it, though if their intentions were purely good, one could see the reasoning.  Unfortunately, I doubt these hacks are done with the best of intentions and with the customers security at heart.       



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