Lulzsec Teen Jake Davis Released on Bail: Internet Ban

computer hacker mask keyboardJake Davis, the 18 year old, leading member of Lulzsec and Anonymous, was released on bail earlier today.  Part of the decision includes a temporary Internet ban–meant to prevent Mr. Davis from using the tool that he maliciously manipulated to hurt private individuals, companies and governmental entities.

“Topiary”, the hacker alias for Jake Davis, was charged with five offenses of the Computer Misuse Act in a London courtroom.

Mr. Davis’ lawyer insists that his client is innocent, claiming that although he may have been tied to the hactivist organizations, there is no proof that he has committed any wrongdoing.

As of right now, Jake Davis is under house arrest.  There is a serious curfew in place and no Internet access allowed.  Many of his comrades can expect the same treatment if they are caught.

Anonymous and Lulzsec have large followings on Twitter. Those accounts continue to grow in popularity.  Their actions have been reported incessantly over the past several months–particularly following cyberattacks to prominent organizations:  PayPal, Sony, Apple, Mastercard, Visa etc.

With the series of high profile attacks that continue to occur and the varying methods in which Social media platforms are manipulated to propagate those attacks, it appears as though cyber criminality is rapidly becoming a matter of public interest.  Information privacy, cyberattacks, hactivism and the like are ever more popular topics for civil and political debate.  It effects National Security, it effects the ability for private industries to protect consumers and ultimately effects the confidence individuals have in handing out their private information.       



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