Mac OS Update Removes MacDefender Malware

MacDefender has nowhere to run.  Apple has released an update for Snow Leopard, their antivirus software, to seek out and destroy any malware on the Mac OS.

The update was released as promised despite reports that it was not particularly damaging to users’ computers.  All the same, the “scareware” or “rogueware” was incredibly annoying to those who were infected.  The “MacDefender” would open up a myriad of pop-ups–leading users to register with their site, claiming that their macs were heavily infected with viruses.  They were charging $60-80 for registration.  Pretty annoying if you ask me.

Older macs that are running on Leopard rather than the Snow Leopard on newer macs can manually update their computers through Apple’s website.

If using a newer model, the error message that will be displayed for the user is “filename will damage your computer. You should move it to the Trash”.  The display window will provide an option to move to trash.  Once the user does this, the malware will be gone for good.

Apple’s update will also increase the number and frequency of system checks.  A solid gesture.  Now if only Windows was more reliable.       



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