Malware Scams Run Mac Amok

apple in newsMac Guard, spawn of Mac Defender, has terrorized mac users again.  The malware claiming to help prevent malware and computer viruses is wreaking havoc on mac machines everywhere–inducing a myriad of pop-ups, some of which are pornographic.

This has been somewhat of a surprise to mac users.  Over the years they have been using the distinction of “virus-free” as means to claim superiority to all other competitors. As it turns out, they are not as invulnerable as they thought.  Many windows users would roll their eyes in disgust, unsure of why mac owners put such faith in something that was bound to happen sooner or later.  Nonetheless, mac users should rest easy.  Fortunately the problem is not as serious as it could be.  There are simple procedures in place to follow to remove the malware.

Apple’s Support page will help refer mac customers to an anti-malware update.  Outside of Apple, users could find websites abound to address the issue.  Mac Guard and Mac Defender stand no chance against the plethora of sites instructing users how to remove the malware.

Mac Defender and Mac Guard however have set a precedent.  Shall we expect more of this to come?  One can bet on the possibility of such occurrences happening more often.  Such goes technology–a perpetual balancing act between the good vs. the evil.       



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