Manufacturing of Amazon’s Tablet Computer delayed due to Apple

Amazon intends to announce a tablet computer of their very own this year.

The devices are scheduled to be released before the end of 2011, and after the launch of their newest edition color screen Kindles.  Manufacturing of the tablets will begin sometime in September.

Amazon might have to adjust their forecasting charts and wind down the manufacturing of their tablet computers due to a limited supply in the necessary components.  Taiwanese components suppliers say the demand for Apple iPad parts can legitimately hinder Amazon’s manufacturing process.

Apple’s shipment requests influences how quickly component suppliers can finish up with Amazon’s orders to have the tablets, Hollywood and Coyote, built.  Apple should be requesting many more devices than Amazon–fully illustrating the market share Apple enjoys as opposed to their competitors.  Amazon, on the other hand, intends to release anywhere between 1.5 to two million tablets initially.  Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 might altogether lead the tablet computer industry.

The Amazon Tablets will showcase the beginning of Amazon’s step into the tablet computer arena.  Kindle has been a great success for the company, and they are looking to bring some of that experience with them to their other projects.

The Hollywood, Amazon’s 10-inch screen, Android empowered tablet computer will be released into a crowded field.  The tablet computer industry grows more and more with every passing year it seems.  Amazon will have to rely on their reputation and hope they can compete and put forth a popular and sustainable product.  Who knows, maybe they will be able to couple it with some sort of discount on Kindles.  Amazon is in a position where they are gifted with experience and success in e-markets and familiar with notable degrees of success in the mobile industry as well.  Amazon hopes to translate those experiences to spectacular results for their burgeoning tablet computer industry.       



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