Mark Zuckerberg Reopens Followers on Google+ to the Public

facebook in newsYesterday on Boobytech we included a story commenting on the decision by Mark Zuckerberg and other “influentials” like him to privatize their followers on Google+.  It appears that not soon after, Mr. Zuckerberg had a change of heart.

google in newsMark Zuckerberg today reopened his followers list to users of Google+.  The Facebook Co-Founder and CEO’s decision to reassess and reopen his “circles” to Google+ members is unknown.

Other high ranking Google+ members, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, have yet to make the same decision.  Both are Google celebrities who ranked second and third to Mr. Zuckerberg in a ranking that listed members of Google+ with the highest volume of followers.

With Mark Zuckerberg bringing his circles back to light, he becomes the points leader in the ranking contest yet again. is the service that ranks Google+ members and, for a time, had all three of said members numbers listed as undisclosed.  Now, Mark’s dominance is again available for all to behold.       



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