Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Circles Go Dark

google in newsWhen people found out that Mark Zuckerberg, C0-founder and CEO of Facebook, was on Google+, many people found it to be an amiable move on his part.  He quickly became the most followed person on the sharing site.

Until recently, fellow Google+ users were able to see who were in Mark Zuckerberg’s “circles”.  However, it appears as though today Mr. Facebook has made it impossible to see who he follows.

Access to circles can be adjusted by any user through manipulating the privacy tab within the settings menu.

Zuckerberg had roughly 35,000 followers before his circles went dark.  Mysteriously, other top users followed suit.  It appeared as though they were coordinated–happening roughly around the same time as one another.  Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the other highly followed individuals whose “circles” became private suddenly, and with Mr. Zuckerberg.

By the by, Google+ continues to grow at an alarming rate.  It has been rumored that within the first two weeks, the sharing site was looking at a growth of one million new users.  It is predicted that the number is now somewhere around the ten million member mark.       



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