Mark Zuckerburg hints at launch of something “Awesome”

facebook in newsMark Zuckerburg, Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, promises the “launch [of] something awesome” in the near future.

A spokesman for Reuters news service suggests that the announcement could be pertaining to Facebook’s goals in the mobile industry–focusing on mobile and tablet computer markets.  The project is being developed at Facebook’s engineering offices in Seattle.

Speculation about the announcement coincides with rumors that Facebook will finally provide a free app for Apple‘s newest generation iPad 2, as reported by the New York Times.

If this news of a Facebook app for iPad 2 is true, it would have been a long time comin’.  It has always been a bit of a puzzle why Facebook had yet to create an app for iPads when it already had done so for iPhones.

Tablet computers provide bigger displays and a myriad of other tiny features. Because of this, manufacturing and development might have taken Facebook a little while longer to adjust.

Whatever it is, hopefully Mark Zuckerburg’s promise of something “awesome” is properly fulfilled.       



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