Microsoft Back-to-School Promotion Beats Apple to the Punch

microsoft in newsIt is that time of year again.  Companies aim to get rolling their back-to-school promotions. With electronics being a large driver of those promotions–we can expect some competition by the tech giants to give their company a head start on sales.  Microsoft has done just that, this year, beating out Apple in their promotions pitch.

In recent years, it had been Apple who launched their back-to-school program before all others.  Microsoft has learned from their mistakes.

They plan to offer a free Xbox 360 with any purchase of a computer costing more than  $699.  This could be particularly popular among college students.  Not only are members of this demographic increasingly dependent on computers, but lets face it, they are the video game generation.

Microsoft plans on teaming up with their partners Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Best Buy to push their promotion hard.  If a student presents their ID card to any of the Microsoft or Best Buy locations, they will be eligible for the promotion.  The Xbox 360 in the promotion is the 4GB console–the least expensive model.  Students would also be eligible for the give-away using an email address ending in .edu.

So it appears they beat Apple to the punch.  Over the past two years, Apple had offered their promotions in the same week.  One could imagine a promotion coming out soon.  Normally it would be along the lines of a iPod with any purchase of a macbook.  These promotions are wildly popular among college students.  They play well to that demographic.  Incoming freshman not only get to pick their school, but now they also get the opportunity to choose between promotions.  Both a very similar in prices.       



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