Microsoft to Limit Options for Chip and Computer Makers

microsoft in newsMicrosoft is hoping to come out with designs for tablet and mobile computers using Windows 8 quicker by setting limits to chipmakers and computer makers.

Microsoft intends to weed out the high volume of designs that come through multiple partnerships by providing incentives to those who work with only one other partner.  So that is to suggest that a chipmaking company collaborate with only one other computer-making company and vice-versa.  However, these guidelines are not required, only preferred–and they only adhere to tablet and mobile computers.  Desktop PCs will be able to run Windows 8 just as they have run on previous models–nothing will change in that respect.

The singular aim of the program is to speed up development and enable the release of devices with greater frequency.  The logic is fair, however it has managed to upset several chip and computer manufacturing companies.  They feel that Microsoft are placing restrictions on other companies and essentially gaming the system to their desires.  Some of these manufacturing companies are a little unsettled because they believe there is a higher potential for wonderful designs getting pushed to the side, never having the opportunity to showcase new ideas.  Simply stated, it would hinder creativity.

How effective Microsoft’s program can be will certainly be evidenced in the coming months. They hope to make a niche in the tablet computer market that is growing exponentially every month.  As it stands today, they are considerably behind Apple’s iPad and will have to to really find a workable strategy to shorten that gap.       



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