Microsoft to Replace Outdated XBox 360 Consoles Incompatible with System Update

Microsoft’s latest system update for the Xbox 360 does not work with older consoles.  Microsoft will offer a replacement for the small number of individuals affected.

The system update was for a new disk format and added anti-piracy xbox 360 elite

This news could be a blessing in disguise for the owners of outdated Xbox 360 consoles.  Microsoft is offering to replace such consoles at no charge to the owners.  After following a few steps on the Xbox Support Page, Microsoft aims to provide a Xbox 360S console with 250 GB.  Not bad at all.

Microsoft could also get some extra kudos for proactively addressing potential piracy issues–issues that PS3 and Sony are all too familiar with.  Any form of protection to user information and to the Microsoft brand should be considered responsible thinking.       



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