New York Post Blocks iPad Users Access: Must Pay a Subscription Fee

apple in newsThe New York Post has blocked iPad users from accessing their website through Safari.  Users now have to pay a fee for a New York Post iOS app.

The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, in essence have singled out a particular faction of readers.  The oddity of the move comes from the fact that users could still access the page on phones using Android or desktop computers.  They are charging $6.99 a month for subscriptions to only iPad users.  This hardly seems fair and balanced.  In fact, it only really singles out Apple devices that use Safari.

The reasoning for targeting the iPad remains unclear.  The move is certainly a brazen decision made by News Corp. to filter money from the most successful tablet computer audience.  That is one fact that is undeniable.  Now whether that was their primary intention, one cannot be sure.  But hey, its definitely is a plus.

This move could be viewed as posturing by News Corp.  There is a possibility that they have an image make-over coming.  Who knows?  All we know is this decision to charge iPad users a fee to access information that is readily available to other mobile OS’ is right out of left field.       



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