Next Generation Xbox to be Unveiled at E3 2012?

According to an early report by, the next generation Xbox 360 will be unveiled at E3 2012.

microsoft xbox 360 eliteThe Xbox 720’s hardware details have not fully been disclosed, so there is still much information to be dug up regarding the next model of the most successful gaming system amongst hardcore gamers. indicated that developers are already on board and are making new games for the newest system.  Crytek, makers of TimeSplitters, are said to be developing their newest title to the series for the Xbox 720.  They are working with Microsoft’s DirectX 11.

Microsoft has been on top of the next generation gaming mountain for some time now.  Not only has the Xbox 360 been a huge hit worldwide, selling over 50 million units, but they have also managed to pair that success with their Kinect devices.  Kinect, the full body controller, has sold over 10 million units since its release in 2010.

All indications, deriving from developers’ timelines, indicate an announcement for the Xbox 720 within a 12 month period–adding to the likelihood that we can expect an announcement at next year’s E3 event.       



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