Nintendo Previews New Wii Model at E3

Nintendo previewed its next generation Wii at the E3 convention in Los Angeles and the most profound difference from the older model was the controller.  It will have a touch screen and more buttons–abandoning the controller that gave them great success.  The new system will be dubbed “Wii U”. Yes, they added another pronoun to go with their next system.

The original Wii was wildly successful among younger children, older adults and “new” gamers.  However, the rosy colored glasses were removed in early 2011.  Nintendo had to learn the hard way that although they hit an audience other companies like Sony and Microsoft couldn’t touch, they subsequently allowed for both competitors to monopolize the “hardcore gaming” crowd. Hardcore gamers buy more games.  Wii gamers hardly compare to the amount of games Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners buy. So, incapable of attracting that crowd, Nintendo suffered deflating losses–a 25% drop in sales and the loss support from major developers Electronic Arts Inc. and Activision Blizzard Inc.

The primary goal of the Nintendo was to change that dynamic the second time around.   They planned to excite enthusiastic gamers by introducing features that could end the atrophy and re-magnetize their console to hardcore gamers.

Enter the 6.2-inch-touchscreen, multiple button gyroscope accelerometer equipped super buff, mighty lean controller.  The controller is out of this world! Couple that with the, FINALLY, high-definition graphics and you have the makings of a contender.

Nintendo really took the criticisms their console received to heart and did a good job addressing them.  However, now they really should work on getting their gamers to purchase more games. That is how to compete with PS3 and Xbox 360. That is the second leg in the journey to next generation supremacy.

With EA returning to their corner, Nintendo should have some confidence in their ability to compete.  They certainly appear to be on the right track.       



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