Nokia to Help Boost Windows Phone

Nokia’s Vice President of smart devices has indicated that the Windows phones will be microsoft in newscoming out at a rapid clip following the launch in October.

Windows phone has been struggling of late–remaining behind their competitors iPhone and Android by a remarkable margin.  Windows hopes to change this with their Windows 7 Phone and Mango.

The Windows 7 platform is secondary for Samsung and HTC.  This would be one of the reasons why it has been lacking.  However, with Nokia using Windows 7 as their primary platform, one could expect to see an increase of about two to three devices per month.  The partnership will be beneficial for both parties.  Microsoft needs to expand their mobile devices and software abroad, where congruently Nokia will hope to garner more success in the U.S.

The Windows 7 phone may be behind Apple and Google’s mobile devices, but there could be a drastic change to that landscape–with Windows already showing rapid success in their “apps”.  They are still several 100,000 apps shorter than their competitors, but they have been decreasing that margin rapidly.

I see Windows collaboration with Skype being another adrenaline shot for Microsoft.  The Windows phone will be able to boast Skype and Xbox Live–two wildly popular products.  Conjoining that with their mobile devices could give them great success further down the line.       



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