PSN Discloses New Information of Outage to Game Makers

Over the past month, little has been told to the public about the details of an attack that occurred on Playstation Network servers between April 17th and April 19th.

However, in a leaked report to a blog named Industry Gamers,  some very new information has been released regarding the attacks.  This new information however, does not go into great detail and really doesn’t provide any additional information that would be considered relevant to the roughly 24 million users or so that were affected.  Nonetheless, this is what has been revealed.

playstation ps3 slim top
In that span of days between April 17th to April 19th, servers unexpectedly rebooted themselves.  It was when this occurred that the first indications of a problem became apparent.  It was originally believed that the intrusion occurred on four servers.  It wasn’t until later that they discovered that it had actually infected ten servers.  When they witnessed the scale of the attack, they immediately shut down all Playstation servers.

This new information does provide some more background to what happened, but ultimately it still leaves the public discouraged.  With an unclear statement that the network would be up in a few days–not indicating how long exactly that is, many Playstation customers are beginning to sell-back their PS3’s and purchase Xbox 360’s.  This study was provided by a gaming publication company Edge in the U.K.       



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