Rumored Curved-Glass for iPhone 5

Expect curved glass and a faster processor for the iPhone 5.  Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t respond to rumors, it has been widely assumed that they may in fact be including such features amongst other additions to the iPhone.  This report comes out of DigiTimes, a Taiwanese publication.  They base their report on the purchase of over 300 glass-cutting machines.

Why the curved glass? Not much more could be said outside of just speculation but curved glass has been used with previous Apple devices.  Outside of the iPod nano, other companies use curved glass for comfort-ability.

The iPhone 5 is also rumored to abandon their glass back and return to metal.  The A5 processor will be the same processor that is currently in their iPad 2, and the camera will be a Sony 8-megapixel sensor.  All of these changes are speculation, though reliable.

It is expected to be released for Sprint and T-mobile.  The release date is rumored to be in September at Apple’s iPod event.  Not in June, the month of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference where they normally reveal their iPhones.

Outside of the hardware changes to the iPhone 5, the software could also be intriguing.  The rumored iCloud that would allow users to save their music online and access it without using memory space could be included in the iPhone 5.       



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