Samsung’s Galaxy S II Experiencing Early Success

Samsung has been witnessing great success with its Galaxy S II in South Korea.  They have sold over 1 million units, easily eclipsing any previous Galaxy devices.  They hope they can replicate that success in the United States and abroad.  Surprisingly, Samsung has made public their intentions on releasing the Galaxy S III in the first half of 2012.  Without having released the Galaxy S II in the U.S.–the announcement is certainly odd in its timing.

Despite this announcement, the success of Samsung’s Galaxy products cannot be overstated.  They are hoping to sell over 10 million units–the number sold of their previous Galaxy device.  I believe that goal is well within their grasp considering that their earlier models lacked the charisma their newest lines currently possess.  While in the midst of a legal battle with Apple, Samsung’s brand name has been tops in tech news for quite a while.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung plans to release Galaxy S products every year.  They will, in turn, be shipping out an increasing amount of Android devices per year.  The 4G Galaxy devices will be increasing in ratio to their 3G devices–indicating a growing need for tablet computers and mobile devices to leave 3G behind.       



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