Sen. Franken Wants Google’s and Apple’s Assurances on Privacy Policies

Al Franken, U.S. Senator of Minnesota, is pushing for Google and Apple to clarify the nature of their privacy policies.  He wants to make certain people’s personal information is secure.

Al Franken is not new to the tech field.  He often spearheads issues revolving around Internet laws and personal information.  He understands the need for a frank discussion to be a perpetual one in order to assure the American public that their service providers are being honest.

In a letter sent to both Steve Jobs and Larry Page, respective CEOs of Apple and Google, he indicated the need to make such privacy policies “clear and understandable”.  Both CEOs sent company representatives to the hearings at Senator Franken’s request–a gesture he was appreciative of.

Franken maintains that “apps” currently aren’t linked to privacy policies, or at the very least, are not required to be.  He feels this needs to change.  Individuals need to know who has access to their personal information.  The senator feels that it is a necessary first step towards greater transparency to provide links to privacy policies for every “app”.

This is not the first time companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have been called to testify in voluntary hearings regarding access to personal information by third-parties.

I believe Senator Franken is making a responsible decision in asking questions of the major service providers regarding personal information.  He is doing what is necessary to keep the public informed and protected.  Very often the American public are kept in the dark–unaware of just how far companies can go with their private information.

Luckily, every party is doing their level best to keep that foundation of trust intact.  Now its the public’s’ duty to seek out information and remain as informed as they can.       



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