Seoul, South Korea Covered in Free Wi-Fi: Most-Connected City

computer fast laptop womanThe South Korean government has announced a $44 million project to expand Wi-Fi Internet access to every corner on every block.  This would build on their reputation as the most connected city in the world.

WiBro, Korea’s wireless broadband service, covers buses, trains and taxis.  Customers have access to the Internet while in subways as well.  With public transportation covered and all public thorough-ways now under the invisible cloak of Wi-Fi, Koreans will be able to use their first class mobile devices anywhere they want without worry of not having access to the Internet.  How amazing is that?  That is without a doubt an advantage many Americans hope to have in their local cities.  Some cities have already decided to push forth similar plans.

Most of the worlds most connected cities are in Asia and Europe.  However in the United States, various local municipalities have taken advantage of the widely popular technology.

Even so, the United States simply cannot compete with the technology, speed and widespread use of wireless Internet in South Korea.  They simply are miles and miles ahead in every aspect.

South Korea’s success has been an expensive endeavor–by no means has it been easy for  local and federal governments to work out plans with differing service providers at an easy cost.  However, the results are exemplary.  It should provide an illustration for the potentiality of wireless Internet connectivity and the organic evolution of the 21st Century metropolitan city.       



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