Sony to Completely Redesign PlayStation Network

sony in newsSony is planning to completely redesign the PlayStation Network (PSN).  This change may coincide with the recent troubles Sony underwent with hackers and servers.

The new interface aims to be an image-based interface–following more closely to their counterpart Xbox Live.

For anyone that uses the PlayStation Network, you would notice a lot of clutter, very convoluted menus and a boat load of text.  These problems make the experience a little cumbersome.  You could get used to it, but it doesn’t change the impracticability of the interface.  Sony hopes to change this.  Making the interface easier to navigate and more user friendly are simple ways to attract a wider audience.

Sony hopes to use their creativity to make things aesthetically pleasing and more practical for their users.  The PlayStation Network will not only move around existing services, but it will also introduce some new ones.  A source for The Register hinted at a “deals of the week” feature and a “IMDB-style” information for movies.

Whatever the finished product looks like, users could certainly look forward to a more refined and efficient approach.  A simpler, sleeker and leaner PlayStation Network will be beneficial to all parties       



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