Sony Confronted with More Security Issues

sony in newsNot long after PSN came back online after a tumultuous month, a subsidiary of Sony Corp, So-net Entertainment Corp. reported that they too have been hacked.

This will further hurt Sony’s image, not only in dealing with the biggest Internet hacking in history, but also the tiny pot-holes they have been running into in the weeks following.

Some aspects of the Playstation network and Sony Online Entertainment are still in the process of recuperation.  This news of trouble with SOE and the subsidiary So-net Entertainment makes the job all the more difficult.

It has been reported that an unidentified user hacked into customer reward accounts and stole a total of $1,225 worth of redeemable gift points. A spokesman for So-net Entertainment indicated that there is only a small probability that the perpetrator of the Playstation Network attack between April 17th to 18th is the same as its most recent intrusion.

The points of 128 customer accounts were compromised and that although 78 additional accounts were breached, the points of those accounts were not yet redeemed. Ninety email accounts were also stolen–making the attack small yet significant given its timing relative to the PSN 10 server debacle.

After this most recent hack job was discovered on May 16th and 17th, So-net temporarily discontinued their redeemable gift services.  Luckily for them, there hasn’t been any reports about missing personal information.




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