Sony Cuts Price of PS3 by $50

playstation ps3 slim topSony plans to cut the price of the Sony PlayStation 3 console by $50 in order to capitalize on noted momentum. They hope the drop in price can help make the system more accessible for a growing collection of gamers.

The standard system is now priced at $250.  The PS3 with double the GBs will cost prospective customers $300.

Jack Tretton, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America believes Sony is in a unique situation.  “While others in the space are losing steam, PlayStation 3 is gaining momentum”.

Sony has had a tough year.  They had to endure the largest Internet hacking scheme in history, and the infiltration and publication of private business information.  However despite all this, their fans have proven their loyalty, and were awarded for doing so.  The drop in price can be another such award to loyal and future Sony PS3 fans.  Frankly, the decision is a smart one.

One of the biggest gripes against the PS3 has been its price.  When it first arrived on the scene, it cost roughly $600 dollars.  A very small populace could afford the “do everything” machine.   Now, with the incremental deduction in price, Sony has been able to dramatically increase their consumer base–now reaching roughly 50 million units sold.       



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