Sony Ending “Welcome Back” Sunday

sony in newsSony will end their “Welcome Back” campaign this Sunday.  If you haven’t done so already, you should use this opportunity to capitalize on free stuff.

Back in April, Sony sustained one of the most prominent Internet security breaches in recent memory.  Millions of user names and passwords were compromised and over 10 servers were subsequently taken offline.  It was believed, rather prematurely, that their servers would return in a short amount of time. However to the dismay of Sony and their fans, they soon realized the true breadth and scope of the infiltration–resulting in over a month of work and joint investigations to finally come up with solutions.

The “Welcome Back” campaign was Sony’s way of saying thank you to all of their customers for their patience and understanding.  Playstation 3, SOE and PSP users were gifted with free games and services for a 30 day period.

Now that Sony is ending the campaign Sunday, they hope to enter the post-crisis period intact and stronger than ever.  They lost much support from many longtime Sony customers due to their ineptitude to provide real and transparent internet security.  With the “Welcome Back” project a success, maybe they can draw back some of those customers while simultaneously re-energizing and re-magnetizing their brand.       
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