Sony Unveils Playstation Vita: Newest Handheld

Sony unveiled the Playstation Vita at the E3 event in Los Angeles Monday.  The new handheld has been much anticipated and will be released in the ending months of 2011.

sony in newsThe handheld will depart from the Universal Media disc and instead use flash-based memory cards for games.  Though if potential users wanted to store games on the device they will be allowed to do so–Vita will have an internal storage slot.  It will have dual touchscreens. One, a 5-inch multitouch screen located on the front. And second, a touchpad found on its rear.  Playstation Vita will also add another analog stick, evolving from previous PSP models that had only one.  Every game will also have a “LiveArea” where users can share with other players using the same game.

Sony provided a good deal of information about its newest device.  If users want more information they could find that on Sony’s Website.  They have set the cost of the device at $249 for the Wifi version and $299 for the 3G version.  Sony partnered with AT&T for customers based in the United States.       



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