Sony’s Upcoming Tablet Computers Offer Fresh Designs

sony in newsSony plans to release tablet computers that they hope will directly compete with Apple’s iPad and iPad 2.  The names of the devices are S1 and S2.  Each will take on a different form from the other.

The tablet computers were introduced by the Japanese company back in April.  They had targeted the launch of the devices for summer 2011.  Both devices hope to provide customers with a break from the traditional format of tablet computers.

The S1 tablet boasts a creative design most resembling that of a magazine.  It has the unique shape of being more thick on one end in opposition to the other.  Because of the change in thickness, the S1 can be angled to easy the process of touch-typing.  It is a truly different model in close comparison to other tablet computers available today.

The S2 is even more obscure.  This tablet computer is a dual-screen device that folds like an actual magazine.  The design makes going mobile with the device a lot more feasible than that of their competitors.  The dual 5.5″ screen is not HDMI applicable, however that was by choice.  Sony went with DLNA instead, following the wave of media streaming that Netflix all but guaranteed with their most recent transition.

The Sony S1 and S2 tablets (names subject to change) will have WiFi, 3G and 4G capabilities.

Both tablet computers will be considerably more functional than the iPad 2–a strategy employed by Sony to directly affect Apple iPad 2 sales.

Additionally, Sony hopes to induce some of their hardcore PlayStation fans into purchasing one of the devices–hoping that a mobile S2 could replace the increasingly out-of-date PSP models.  As of right now, the lone carrier for the S2 tablet is AT&T.

Both devices have yet to be priced, however one can expect it to be as lofty as all other tablet computers available today.  Sony may look to package the S1 and S2 devices with other Sony products.  Who knows, maybe a deal specific to S2 and PlayStation 3 owners is in some way feasible for future promotions.  It is Sony’s intention to have each tablet computer capable of communicating with other Sony devices.  It would seem logical to use that to an advantage.       



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