Steve Jobs Introduces the OS X Lion

On Monday, Steve Jobs once again personified the will of Apple, coming out of medical leave to introduce the new Apple OS X Lion.  The man with the Lion heart also introduced several new products at the WWDC, exciting the crowd with a vast array of presentations and over “250” new features for the revamped OS.

The OS X Lion has a particular charisma to it–mimicking interfaces and features popular in Apple’s mobile and tablet devices.  This step substantially evolves the home PC experience.  Windows 8 has been attempting to do the same thing for Microsoft–however, the task is considerably more difficult considering all the baggage Windows carries with it.  Apple, being the leader in the tablet industry with their iPads and the smartphone industry with their iPhones, enjoy greater freedom to display their creativity and promote industry changing ideas.

apple in newsExpect the Lion to have a similar feel to its mobile counterparts, from the app covered desktop to its multi-touch capabilities.  Additionally, Apple made the menus easier to navigate and documents able to Autosave–boosting another feature called Resume which allows users to resume their applications right away without painful setup times.

To fully exploit the genius of the OS X, Mac users should frequently apply systems updates.  Snow Leopard, the anti-virus program, is the only version compatible with the new OS.  Fortunately for mac users, system updates occur frequently with Apple’s services.  This will certainly cushion the transition.

Upgrading to Snow Leopard and the other required system updates is a simple process.  However, what will be more difficult for users they have the required processors to run make the Lion run.  Users will need an Intel Mac with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Xeon processor.

Now the exciting part! The cost is only $29.99! Yes, that is not a misprint.  It will be available online at the Apple Store in July.  This 4GB download will have many new features. So the cost, coupled with the evolving interface will be a hit when it hits the shelves.  The Lion OS, as the head of the pride, will help lead Apple customers to the post-PC era.  An Era that will include the iCloud and the iOS 5.       



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