Tom Anderson, Myspace Co-Founder Loves Google+

google in newsTom Anderson, Myspace Co-founder and ex-President has given his stamp of approval on Google+.  He often portrays his affinity for Google products, and now that Google joined the social networking industry, Mr. Anderson, pioneer of social mediums, foresees a great amount of success for the new platform.

Mr. Anderson once had the most visited social networking site on the Internet.  In 2008, he lost that title to Facebook.  But so goes to show how fickle tech dominance really is.  Maybe Facebook should worry about Google+ much like how Myspace had to fear Facebook.

Google has a vast array of programs and services that are available to the public.  Many of those services are top of the line and exorbitantly practical.  Tom Anderson sees that success carrying over to Google+.  He believes that with the integration of those services to Google+, they could have a unique advantage in opposition to their competitors.

According to Tom, “…you starting to see the ways that Google+ just makes Google a much better, more integrated set of services? Google already has top-notch products in key categories – photos, videos, office productivity, blogs, ChromeAndroid, maps and  search”.  He is right on.  Those services should give them a leg up.

It appears that right now, nothing  could stop the hype machine for Google+.  Unfortunately the network is still in the beta phase and available to users through invite only.



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