Top Windows 7 Applications For The Everyday User – 2011 Guide

windows 7 home box

“So I just got Windows 7. Now what?”

Being a tech-savvy user of Windows for quite some time, I have seen my share of useful applications that has made my overall computing experience easier and more productive. Granted there are an extensive assortment of useless applications hiding in every corner of the web, I shall spare you the time of trial-and-error and wasting your time installing and uninstalling garbage applications. So if you’re someone who just got Windows 7 (most of these applications are still applicable to Vista and XP users so keep reading) or have a near-empty installation of Windows wondering how this new operating system can make your life better, then look no further. You my friend have just found a guide that will turn Windows into a whole new experience.


All-In-One Video/Audio Code Package

codec missing windows media playerHonestly, how many of you have seen this annoying error message below?  The creators of CCCP have packaged all of the essential codecs that you need to play all of those video clips you have in your collection. Yup, thats including the video collection you have hidden within folders of folders so that your girlfriend won’t find them.  After this bad-boy is installed, you won’t be seeing messages like the one to the left any more.

cccp decrease rateIf thats not exciting enough, theres more… It also comes with an excellent Windows Media Player replacement called Media Player Classic Home Cinema which uses minimal system resources and packs in a bunch of features that WMP does not have.

One handy feature that some may find useful is the ability to decrease rate, essential for those action-packed moments in the movie that you want to see in slow-motion.



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