Turkish Police Arrest 32 Alleged “Anonymous” Hactivists

The hactivist group “Anonymous” takes another blow, this time from the Turkish police.  These arrests followed a report by the Spanish authorities that stated they had arrested three individuals responsible for directing certain attacks made on Sony, BBVA bank and foreign countries’ websites.  With the Turkish police arresting 32 members allegedly involved in attacks, the arrests should send a clear message of the seriousness in which the police have taken such cyberattacks to heart. It will most certainly make a dent.

computer hacker mask evilIt is clear the arrests are upsetting the hactivist group.  They have retaliated with DDOS attacks on the Spanish police website.  The childish and trivial responses place the group in increasingly negative lights–coming off as teenage and young adults with no lives and little else to do then make “political and social” statements that lack any real depth.  To most, they come off as simple pranks.

When the Spanish police made claims to breaking up the Spanish based Anonymous group, a statement by a member was released stating, “You have not detained three participants of Anonymous. We have no members and we are not a group of any kind. You have, however, detained three civilians expressing themselves”.  To anybody with a brain, this response comes off as a cop-out.  The members in both Spain and Turkey that were arrested are individuals, sure.  But most importantly, they are individuals affiliated with Anonymous.  Hence, the arrests were successfully arresting individuals linked with Anonymous.

The group stands by their means of protest, “DDoSing is an act of peaceful protest on the Internet,” the group wrote. “The activity is no different than sitting peacefully in front of a shop denying entry. Just as is the case with traditional forms of protest”.  However,  there is a difference.  Anonymous disrupts and retaliates out of self-interest.  Protest groups sitting in front of shops are in the interests of others.  This is why Anonymous comes off as childish and just downright annoying.




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