Twitter and Facebook Help Combat London Rioters

Twitter has proven itself useful once again, this time, in the London riots.  Facebook has been lending a helping had as well, though to a lesser degree.

The riots that have been occurring in London, believed to be in retaliation to a small form of police brutality, but in larger consequence to the general disgust by the youthful unemployed with their government, have given people another reason to organize and mobilize.  Twitter, the ultimate mass organization tool is proving useful to concerned civilians organizing to clean up the streets at night.

Twitter, this time in the London riots, is being used by police officers and citizens alike to organize clean-up crews to combat the mess the rioters are causing across the city.  The Twitter handle @riotcleanup, and others like them are giving civilians internet “cafes” to get information and immediately act on the information.  Facebook has been using similar tools to organize and get information out to the public.

Social networks have continually proven to be useful in the organization of civilians to achieve a desired response.  While rioters have been using RIM to organize, concerned citizens return with Twitter and Facebook as their reinforcements.  If anything has done a good job of quelling the London rioters, Twitter and Facebook were necessary to do it.       



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