Unlocked Apple iPhone 4 Available

apple in newsApple has unlocked the iPhone 4 and it is now available for purchase.  The starting price for the the device is $650.  The 32 GB model will be sold for $750.  For the first time ever, U.S. buyers will be able to purchase the unlocked phone.  In the past, this benefit had only been available to other countries.

The iPhone 4 will be available in two colors–black and white.  The carriers for the device will be AT&T and T-mobile.  If users want to avoid said carriers, there are ways to do this.  If you are able to go with a regional GSM carrier, that may be an available option–though it is important to verify if GSM is available in your location.  Another option would be to go with carrier locked CDMA-based iPhone 4 with Verizon.  Both options would open users to 3G speeds, so those of you who are unwilling to participate in AT&T’s growing enterprise cannot be harmed for opting out.  AT&T plans to purchase T-mobile soon, so options are getting slim nonetheless.

For users that will stick with AT&T, it is important to note that a microSIM card will not be in the unlocked iPhone.  Therefore, you will have to hope that AT&T provides one to you–it remains unclear if they plan to offer prepaid microSIMs.  The unlimited talk and text plan will cost you $85 a month.  Its counterpart, T-mobile, will offer a similar plan for $70 a month.  T-mobile does not offer prepaid microSIMs.  A solution around not having a microSIM is as easy as going to an AT&T store or T-Mobile store and having a representative cut down a regular-size SIM card to microSIM specifications.

If you plan on getting an unlocked iPhone 4, it may be a little tedious to set-up and will no doubt affect those that have to get over the learning curve for such processes. However, if that’s not the case for you, enjoy!



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