Verizon Ending Unlimited Data Plans

android phone htc evoVerizon has confirmed that on July 7th they will abandon unlimited data plans for smartphones.

This announcement is hardly surprising.  The news had been rumored about for quite some time now, despite what little specific information was available.  Verizon confirmed those specifics with their announcement today.

Verizon data plans will now cost a fee–rising in price per GB or KB.  For $30, Verizon customers can get 2 GB.  If you wanted to go to 5 GB, that’ll cost you $50.  10 GB? $80.  Users that go above the limit they register with will be charged a penalty of $10 per GB of over-usage.

It is important to note that this plan will only be introduced to new Verizon customers.  Existing customers can keep their old plans–even allowed to upgrade their phones without any problem.  This, however, does not apply to Verizon’s new policy of charging for unlimited LTE Hotspot usage.  New and old customers alike will be charged for that service, roughly $20 per 2GB.       



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